Photographs fron the 1977 British Speleological Expedition to the Zagros Mts, Iran. - Back to index - foward to next image
As far as I remember - some way before the border with Iran. This has got to be famous, but to us it was just another 'wow' alondside the main drag ! Assyrian ? Summarian ?, looks OLD to me...
cont below.
Pity about having to slash these images with jpeg loses - the original slide is a gem. Taken, as are all these pictures, on an old Zenit 3m with a Mir 37mm lens. No light meter and no handheld meter either. Fugicrome or Agfa transparency. Still have the originals - colours are still fine but have suffered a lot of mould damage to the emulsion ( my bad storage to blame ) All these images have been hve been spotted out digitally. I think the old Zenit was feeling quite at home in these parts - the Russian Border would soon loom on the other side of this route - complete with fence and watchtowers - just like in the Bond movies.