Photographs fron the 1977 British Speleological Expedition to the Zagros Mts, Iran. - Back to index - foward to next image -
...our home for a couple of months - Top Camp. This is Barry Weaver ( playboy shirt ) who with a bit of assistance from myself did all the underground surveying. Quite a pleasant place really - given the tiny fresh water spring. It was at this camp towards the end of our...
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stay that the last mule of supplies came up the mountain - and did not have any local cigarettes on ! I didn't smoke then, but do now, so I know how he felt ( I can't place who it was - it's so long ago ) Anyway, he just says, ' I'm going up over the ridge, then down to see what's on the other side - if I'm not back in two days come looking' - and set off to get fags.
Nearly two days later he reappeared - clutching 200 local cigarettes - and with the amazing information that over the ridge and half a days walk down the other side he came to a main tarmac road and shop ! If we had known that we would end up here - we could have approached from completely the other direction - and been a days walk from tarmac, as opposed a day and a half from a biblical village set twenty five miles from tarmac !
Potentially, political climate being ok, you could return here with no transport at all - Boat train to Munich - Turkish bus company to Terhan - local bus to this side the mountain - or taxi, then mules up to the ridge. Trouble is, when you are by the tarmac, you might not find the mules - and you need them to get to the top with gear, Believe me !