Photographs fron the 1977 British Speleological Expedition to the Zagros Mts, Iran. - Back to index - foward to next image -
...Kareem, one of the best. These people were at home up here - never a bead of sweat, clothes always seemed to be clean ! and he gives us tea at 10500ft, brewed on firewood he brought with him - and we get white saucers ! Thet just thought we were..
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probably right ! To be honest though - I fear for the plight of all these Kurdish men we grew to befriend - Sadam's chemical attacks were right in this area - and these people would have taken the brunt of the war.
There is one very deep cave on this mountain - the last one we found - there for the taking, potentially 6000ft deep. However, a difficult place to return to, politically.
Geoff Richings - Iran 77