Photographs fron the 1977 British Speleological Expedition to the Zagros Mts, Iran. - Back to index - foward to next image -
Palangan - this is the whole village - is a gem in the middle of nowhere. The white shirted man with the child was with us - he drove us here in his landrover after we told him he simply...
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had to see the place. Ken & Francis, as we knew them, we met in Kermanshah on the way in and they gave us great hospitality. Ken worked for an American Bell helicopter facility in Iran, they had to get out quick not long after this, when the Shah was deposed. Even in 77, we had to get the personal sanction of the Shah for our trip. At this time, Palangan had seen very few Europeans through their 'streets'. I think there must have been some development going on though - I spot a blue window surround down there, on the right !